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Organizing is Beth’s passion and she looks forward to helping you organize your life! Her approach is non-judgmental, kind, and calm. She will work with you at a pace that is comfortable for you. There is no organizational challenge that she cannot tackle.



Have too little space? Have too much space? Your home should be somewhere you look forward to walking into, a peaceful space. We can organize your home or apartment to fit your needs. Anything from a tiny closet to a large garage.




Have a home office? Feel lost in your corporate space? B Organized can bring the order back to your desk and files using a system that is customized just for you!




Unpacking from a move can be time consuming and stressful. We can help make your relocation a breeze with our unpacking services. You can be settled and organized into your new place in no time.


Customer Testimonials

Thank you borganized!! I can’t believe how awesome Beth is! After a panic attack about receiving many engagement gifts and no space to put them Beth re-organized and consolidated all of my cabinets and closets!! Initially she assessed all of the closet space in my apartment to see if she could move things around. She immediately knew we had to rearrange to keep everything within its “category.” Now everything in all of my cabinets and closets are accessible and neat.

We used everything I already had in my apartment. If it were not for Beth I would have bought more containers and wasted more space in my apartment. I was going to buy an extra free standing cabinet for my kitchen and now I don’t even need it!! Thank you SO much!

I hired Beth to organize my closet because I could never find anything when I needed it. My jeans and tee shirts were piled on top of each other, my dog was eating all my shoes, and my expensive purses were losing shape. Beth sat down and talked with me to figure out what the problem was then we went through all my items and she came up with a customize solution to fit my needs.

I could not be happier with how my closet turned out. I have been able to maintain the order and now my shoes are in boxes and my dog has stopped eating them!
Executive Assistant

I have my office desk back! The process of sorting through the papers wasvery thorough. After spending time analyzing how I work Beth was able to come up with an organizing system that worked for me. Not only am I organized but now my secretary can find things on my desk so the office is run more efficiently.

I was skeptical about hiring an organizer but I am really overjoyed with the work Beth has done. My organization now saves my company time and money. I recommend Beth to anyone who is drowning in their paperwork- she can help you get out from under the mess!
Business Owner

Beth has worked a miracle in my work area. As a messy, chaotic artist I thought I’d be putting Beth’s organization skills to the test but she came in with an easy to implement plan that has turned my work space around. Keeping my supplies and tools organized has gone from being a chore to something I now actually enjoy, thanks to Beth’s custom organization plan.

Working in my studio has become infinitely easier, because of this system. I’m better organized, more productive and has much more space to do my work in. Thanks Beth!

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