Closet Organizing Made Easy

July 8th, 2014

Do you live in a teeny, tiny space in Manhattan? Does your NYC closet need a makeover?
B Organized is more than happy to measure your space and order you a gorgeous custom closet. BUT…there are times when a custom closet won’t work because perhaps your space is a bit awkward or you don’t want to invest the money since you are living in a short term rental… then what? With a few product purchases you can have your closet in perfect order.




1. Double Hang Closet Rod $12.99 – Instantly double your hanging space!
2. 12 Pair Shoe Organizer $39.99 – Perfect for shoes and purses. Durable and sturdy this product will last a lifetime.
3. Expandable Closet Shelf $15.99 – This can double your shelf space. Great for teeshirts, sweaters, and more.

If you think your closet space is not ideal its best to enlist the help of a Professional Organizer who can recommend the perfect products to get your wardrobe in order.
Happy Organizing!
B Organized


Get Started: Small Organizing Projects You Can Do Today!

June 30th, 2014

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When organizing: start small. Here are some ideas of small organizing projects you can do around the house
-Pick a junk drawer, throw out all the trash, put back in only what you need. More on getting rid of your junk drawer for good here.
-Get rid of old magazines- anything from 2 months ago or more that has not been read has got to go.
-Declutter the bathroom drawers- toss old, expired makeup.
-Sort through old to-do’s and trash the ones you haven’t gotten around to in 6 months.
-Go through old photos and toss the ones you don’t need. Keep the ones you love and start a photo project.
As always if you are overwhelmed call in a professional organizer. My team of organizers in New York City can have your home clutter free in no time.


A Few Words on Moving

June 18th, 2014

Moving is stressful. We all know that. As an NYC organizer and frequent un-packer I am here to tell you it can be a little bit less stressful with these helpful tips.
1. Start early. 3 weeks is ideal.
-During week 1 go area by area in your home or apartment and purge items that no longer serve you. This may result in piles — donation, give to your sister, return to a friend. You will have 2 weeks to see to it that those items get to the proper places. If you can’t manage to get them there then just throw them out. Under no circumstances should you bring them to your new place!
-Week 2- gather packing materials and begin packing. Have the moving company drop off boxes or go to local stores to see if they have extras that they will give you. My best tip is to go to a wine store and ask them for some boxes with inserts – these are great for wrapping wine glasses, liquor bottles, vases, and kitchen spices. Start packing up the items you use the least.
-Week 3- packing, packing, and more packing. Enlist the help of friends and family. Its much easier when you have company. Leave the larger items to the side (TVs, lamps, etc…) so the moving company can properly pack them.
2. Label, Label, Label!!! Every time you finish a box- label it. This makes unloading and unpacking so much easier. Its also great for the movers so they know where to put the items. Label items bedroom #1 then put a sign up in the new place indicating which room is bedroom #1. This way you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.
3. Take breaks. Moving is a lot of work physically and mentally so its important to take time for yourself. Take a walk, grab drinks with a friend, read a book. This way when you actually do sit down to pack you can be more focused and get more done in less time.
**A note about my most recent move: In the past I have used and referred Schlepper’s moving company but I recently had a client that was not so thrilled with them. After a Facebook poll which resulted in equal recommendations of Moishe’s and Flatrate I went with Flatrate because price is king. The movers were very good BUT they sent 3 movers instead of four which really held up the process, they sent filthy blankets for wrapping furniture (after I specifically requested and was promised clean ones), and they broke my mirrored night stand. I did receive a credit back for the filthy blankets and the broken furniture. So this isn’t a glowing recommendation but it wasn’t the most terrible either.
Here I am at the end of a long move:
Happy Moving!


How to Organize Your Junk Drawer

April 23rd, 2014

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While it probably started off neat and organized, over time you’ve created a chaotic junk drawer full of Q-Tips, half-used markers and loose screws. How to organize your junk drawer–once and for all:
1. Dump out the entire drawer on a large clear surface (a big table or the floor).
2. Give the junk drawer a new name! Something like: ‘essentials drawer’ or ‘very useful items drawer.’ This new name will help you to get rid of the junk drawer once and for all! Not sure where to put your grocery receipts? It’s probably not fitting to keep them in the ‘very useful items’ drawer.
3. Sort all items into categories (ie: trash, items to keep but belong somewhere else, items which actually belong in the newly renamed drawer).
4. Group similar items that are to remain in the drawer together (office supplies, mailing supplies, electronics, etc.) Consider finding a new home for items that are taking up the majority of drawer space. For example if your drawer is overwhelmed by takeout menus get a cheeky take-out-menu box to hold them.
5. Invest in drawer dividers. Make sure that they fit exactly to measure and that they have dividers with non-slip rubber so that all items stay perfectly in place.
6. Make a date with yourself to do monthly maintenance on the essentials drawer. Be ruthless about what can come into this drawer from now on.
Happy Organizing!
B Organized


Spring Has Sprung!

March 21st, 2014

It’s Official– Spring is here! At least according to the Calendar. The weather could step it up a bit to bring the temperature to iced-coffee weather if you ask me.
In any event Spring’s arrival can only mean one thing to a professional organizer- Spring Cleaning!
I read this passage in a book titled The Way Of The Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover and I truly think it sums up why you should embark on a spring cleaning journey:
“The more clutter you have– in your home, car, or purse, or on your computer hard drive– the more your energy gets dissipated and called to the nonessentials. How must time do you spend looking for files (hard and soft) because you don’t have a clear system in place? Here are some questions to ask yourself as you go through your home, room by room, with the intention of simplifying and making space for new opportunities:
1. Does this lift my energy when I think about or look at it?
2. Is it genuinely useful? Did I use it last year?
3. Does it reflect who I want to be this year?
4. Does it make me feel powerful, beautiful, and confident? (This questions works especially well when you get to your underwear drawer. Not sexy? Treat ourself to things that are!)”
If this whole idea of spring cleaning is overwhelming to you then enlist the help of a friend or profession to keep the motivation high. If you chose to do it yourself play some upbeat music, light a candle, and get moving!
For more on what to do with the items you want to donate click here. And for what to do with your winter gear as the weather gets warmer check out this post.
Happy Spring,


Read Up!

March 4th, 2014

On this months MUST READ list is O Magazine’s March 2014 issue. It is chock full of great content to help inspire a decluttering spree!!
I always tell clients that every item must have it’s own home. If your lipglosses don’t have a specific storage space they will pile up on any clear surface. Productivity Consultant, Steve McClatchy, stated it best in O-Mag: “Everyone has a place in their house for forks. If you found a random fork in the bathroom…you would return it to its drawer without another thought. Everything in your life should be this easy to put away.” – I simply love this!! What a great tidbit of organizing wisdom.
Oprah also takes on her own massive decluttering project which really will fuel you to get rid of items in your own home. We all have too much stuff. A lot of the items carry with them sentimentality and thats okay. You can still get rid of these items and hold on to the memories that came with them.
They also recommend some of my all time favorite organizing products on the “O List.” Things you didn’t know you needed but really do need…such as: storage for all your sunnies, matching dry cleaning + laundry hampers, and other amazing space saving products like this all-in-one storage hand mixer.
Happy Organizing!


Happy ValenTIME’s Day!

February 14th, 2014

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or GALentine’s Day you should make it into ValenTIME’s day. What do I mean by this? Ditch the silly, clutter-filled, sugar rich gifts for the gift of time.
The gift of time comes in many forms: going for dinner together (or better yet: cooking dinner together), going for a walk (maybe not in snow-filled NYC), arranging to do an activity that the other person enjoys (ie: a golf lesson, bowling…), helping your significant other or a friend do something that they have long been dreading doing themselves (like cleaning out their closet). Be creative!
Sending love and organization your way,


Morning Time Saver: Breakfast Recipe

February 4th, 2014

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I don’t know about you but its always a struggle for me to cook a healthy breakfast in the morning. When I’m pressed for time it always seems quicker to grab something on the way which usually results in a not so healthy breakfast.
I came across this recipe while watching The Biggest Loser on NBC. I adapted this recipe to meet my dietary needs. The truth is you can substitute the recipe with anything you like.
Talk about a calm, organized morning.
Easy Morning Frittatas (make on Sunday night and your good for the week!) adapted from The Biggest Loser website:
1 package Ground Turkey Breast (or whatever meat you like, or no meat at all)
2 cups sliced small mushrooms
2 cups sliced small zucchini
4 eggs/4 whites (or 2 cups egg substitute)
Little bit of olive oil for cooking
Salt, pepper, garlic powder (or whatever spices you like)
Heat oven to 350°F. Mist 12 muffin cups with cooking spray. Cook ground turkey as specified on the package.
In large skillet over medium-high heat sauté mushrooms and zucchini. Cook 5 minutes, stirring
occasionally, until cooked.
In large bowl stir eggs,turkey, mushrooms, and zuchinni. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder.
Spoon mixture into muffin cups, filling approximately ¾ full. Bake 20 minutes or until set.
Pop a few in the microwave for about a minute and ENJOY!
Happy Cooking,